How It Works

Welcome to Sailova, the platform designed to simplify the yacht reservation process for yacht owners and their customers.

For You (The Yacht Owner)

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    Register and Set Up Your Account

    Create an account by partnering with us.

    You can customize your settings, manage your yacht inventory, set your prices, and add any additional services or extras you offer.

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    List Your Yachts

    Add your yacht listings to your Sailova page. You can include photos, descriptions, amenities, and availability for each yacht. Your customers will be able to browse and select yachts based on their preferences and availability.

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    Manage Your Reservations

    Sailova makes it easy to manage your reservations. You can add, modify, delete, and visualize reservations in various views like Calendar, Timeline, and Table. You can also synchronize your Sailova calendar with popular calendar systems like Apple iCal, making it easy to keep track of your bookings.

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    Customers Make Reservations

    Your customers can easily make reservations by selecting a day and a range of hours based on yacht availability. They can also choose any additional services or extras you offer, request complimentary items, and apply any valid discount coupons during the booking process.

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    Secure Payment Processing

    Sailova integrates with Stripe for secure payment processing. Once a customer clicks the "Book Now" button, Sailova will calculate the total cost of the reservation based on the selected date, hours, and any additional services or extras. Your customers can pay securely with their credit cards, and they'll receive a confirmation page that includes a summary of their booking details, the ability to download a PDF copy, add the reservation to their calendar, share the reservation with others, and access contact information for your yacht agency.

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    Review and Improve

    Sailova is designed to be continuously improved, so you can always stay up-to-date with the latest technologies and features that cater to the needs of yacht agencies and their customers. We welcome feedback, so feel free to send us your thoughts and suggestions for future improvements.

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It's that easy!

With Sailova, renting a yacht has never been simpler or more convenient. Whether your customers are looking for a luxury yacht for a special occasion or a more affordable option for a day out on the water, you'll have the perfect yacht rental experience for them.

For Your Customer

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    Select available Yachts

    Customers select available yachts that meet their specific needs and preferences. Filters by price, date, size, and other criteria to narrow down the options.

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    Select Dates and Times

    Once the user has found a yacht that meets their needs, they select the dates and times to rent it for. Our platform will show the available dates and times for the selected yacht, making it easy to choose the best option for them.

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    Choose Any Additional Services or Extras

    If users would like to add any additional services or extras to their rental, such as catering or a personal chef, they can do so at this step. They simply select the desired options and our system will calculate the total cost of the rental.

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    Complete the Booking Process

    Once they have selected a yacht, dates, and any additional services or extras, they can complete the booking process by providing the payment information. Our secure payment processing system ensures that the information is safe and protected. After completing the booking process, they will receive a confirmation email with all of the details of their rental with a shareable link to the confirmation page.